1. No eating the hearts of your classmates or others
2. NO PAPER AIRPLANES (or fighter jets, birds, or anything that involves throwing things)
3. No martial arts or other "super awesome" ninja moves
4. No running with scissors or glue sniffing
OYM Semester Syllabus 2011-2012

Welcome to OYM Classholes

Summary: CLASSHOLES is a mockumentary that follows the first class to participate in One Year Masters (OYM), an experimental college program designed by Professor Benjamin Tavish where high honor roll students are able to complete their master's degree in just one year. However, due to a glitch with the enrollment tests, the individuals Benjamin finds before him may be high; honor roll students they most certainly are not.

Classholes is a project of Red City Productions
Creator: Richard Smith
Executive Producers: Grant Pollard & Richard Smith
Web Development: Karl Grzeszczak
Creative Consultants: Katy Stewart and Darryl Villacorta